Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sounds of Praise: Angels (1984)

Christian songstress Amy Grant made one of her first mainstream TV appearances on Hee Haw in 1984. Now, pilgrims, I didn't even realize this until I ran across this clip. Until now, I'd assumed that her pop debut was her duet with ex-Chicago singer Peter Cetera, "The Next Time I Fall", which came out in 1986, followed by "Find a Way", a year later. Nuh-uh.

Amy joined the cast in the cornfield for a comedy segment. The punch line she delivered to Gailard Sartain at the end of this video is just a killer all by itself. In between, Amy, with then-husband Gary Chapman on guitar, performs "Angels", which climbed Billboard's Contemporary Christian charts at the time.

It's too bad K-Love doesn't play a lot of older songs going back this far, but maybe a few requests could change their minds.........

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