Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The candidate nobody wants

Let's be realistic. There is no way that Donald Trump would be the Republican candidate for President next year.

Trump, who announced his candidacy on Tuesday, is clearly doing this for the sake of one thing. His ginormous ego. He's repeatedly ripped President Obama, casting his lot with the Birther movement that claims Obama wasn't born in the US, and, as memory serves, he similarly made a run during the 2012 campaign, only to bail after failing to win a single primary. That same fate awaits him next year, and you'd think he'd realize that by now.

The problem is, all Trump is doing is what he does best. Blow out more hot air than a parking lot full of balloons. I doubt very seriously that when primary season starts this winter, he'll still be in the race. He's just using this as an excuse to promote his NBC reality series, The Apprentice, which could wind up being put on hold if Trump carries through with his intentions this time. Equal time rules, you know.

There's only one person I could think of that would be the perfect running mate for Trump, and that would be WWE CEO/Chairman Vince McMahon. Neither one would be a realistic candidate, and, yes, Vince did sabotage his wife's Senate bid 5 years ago with some on-camera stupidity, which only exposes that he's just as ill-suited a candidate as Trump. Which makes them two-of-a-kind. Their campaign, if it were to go in this direction, would be sponsored by Planters, Almond Joy candy, Wonderful Pistachios, and, well, you get the idea.

Trump has already gotten himself in hot water with singer-songwriter Neil Young for using Young's 1989 rock anthem, "Rockin' in the Free World" without permission. However, Trump's campaign flacks claim that Trump did pay a licensing fee for the song. Translated: Trump thinks he can do no wrong when it comes to minor details.

If there was ever a time where a 3rd party candidate could finally win the White House, this is it.


magicdog said...

I wouldn't say nobody wants "The Donald". At least he said his mind during his announcement, which is more than I can say for the current candidate crop.

Personally, I think it's a stunt, if only because he has his Apprentice show and NBC wouldn't want him to bail - unless he's planning a new show about what it's like for Trump to run for President. Don't forget who runs NBC - they're not conservatives and are Obummer's biggest supporters.

As for the Neil Young issue, Young was unhappy about one of his songs being used during the announcement and asked Trump to stop using it. If true that Trump paid for the rights to use the song, he's well within his rights to continue using it unless the terms of the contract are changed. If you remember a few years back Chrissie Hynde was unhappy with Rush Limbaugh using one of her tunes as part of his radio program theme (despite him having legally using it for YEARS) and for a while, there was a cease and desist order until things were straightened out. Rush won that round.

hobbyfan said...

Of course it's a stunt. Trump did the same thing during the 2012 campaign. He decided to run, not with the same kind of sturm und drang as now, but bailed when he couldn't win a primary. Same thing'll happen again.