Monday, June 8, 2015

On The Air: Baggage (2010)

Best described as a bizarre love child of Love Connection, The Dating Game, and generic tabloid television, Baggage bowed on GSN in 2010, and gave rise to a spin-off, Baggage on the Road, earlier this year.

The tabloid reference is appropriate, considering that talk show host Jerry Springer is the series host of Baggage, one of two yakkers hired by GSN to helm game shows (Wendy Williams is the other, hosting Love Triangle). The format recalls Dating Game as it posits a contestant opposite three potential dates of the opposite gender, though there was one gay-themed episode, as I understand it.

I'd imagine that if this was what Chuck Barris had actually envisioned for Dating Game, well, maybe it would've been ahead of its time, don'tcha think?

Let's scope a sample episode:

Baggage was hot enough to move into syndicated reruns, a first for GSN, two years into the run.

Rating: C.

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