Thursday, June 11, 2015

Musical Interlude: Roses & Rainbows (1965)

Four years before he became famous as a member of Three Dog Night, Danny Hutton tried his hand as a solo act. The single, "Roses & Rainbows", got him on national and regional music shows, but you'd be hard pressed to remember if "Roses" actually cracked the Hot 100.

The funny part about "Roses" is that Hutton was signed to a record label associated with Hanna-Barbera, which might explain the bubblegum pop sound exhibited in the following clip, from the LA-based series, Shivaree:

I discovered "Roses" when I acquired a triple-CD box set of Three Dog Night hits. There's also some early Cory Wells in that same box set, and we'll locate a video if we can another time.


magicdog said...

I discovered this song a while ago - It's a cute song and some have said it wouldn't be out of place with Three Dog Nights' earlier work.

Funny how he had that porn 'stache back in '65. I think he might have gone further without it - clean cut guys were selling back then.

IIRC a version of the song (sung by the HB studio singers I imagine) was sung during an episode of The Flintstones. I think it was the one in which Pebbles & Bamm Bamm sing "Let The Sunshine In".

For a better clip, may I recommend the one in which Hutton guested on "Hollywood a Go Go". That clip not only has "Roses & Rainbows", but also a version of the Beau Brummel's "Sometime At Night". That song also deserved to chart. Too bad it's not available for download - though "Roses & Rainbows" is.

Plus - there's a few clips on YT with one of Hutton's best early solo releases - "Big Bright Eyes"! Pure pop perfection!! It cracked the Hot 100 in '65, but there were so many great songs that year, it got lost in the shuffle methinks.

hobbyfan said...

I will have to keep an eye out for those other versions of Roses & Rainbows. Thanks for another tip.