Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dunce Cap Award: Donald Trump

Since when has Donald Trump been taking public speaking courses from Pat Robertson?

The one thing the real estate mogul/media whore/Presidential candidate-wannabe has in common with aging evangelist Robertson is that both of late have had an annoying tendency to put their collective foot in their mouth on certain issues.

Trump, who somehow acquired the Miss USA & Miss Universe pageants some years back, will have to peddle them to another network, one not owned by NBC-Universal-Comcast, after some ill-advised remarks about Mexico & immigrants came back to bite him on his backside, beginning late last week, when Univision, which holds the Mexican broadcast rights to the beauty pageants, announced it would not air this year's edition, scheduled for July 12. Then, on Monday, NBC followed suit, ending its long standing relationship with the champion of the birther movement for the same reason. An episode of American Ninja Warrior will air in place of the Miss USA pageant on July 12.

Although Celebrity Apprentice will continue with someone on board to replace Trump, it's parent series, The Apprentice, has officially been cancelled, per NBC. The conglomerate wants to distance itself as far away from Trump as possible, and who can blame them?

Now comes the issue of where the pageants will air. Would CBS, the former home of the pageants, want to take it back? I seriously doubt that either CBS or ABC would risk a political firestorm if they welcomed Trump. Fox? They've been known to push the envelope in their programming, and bringing in Trump would be just business as usual. However, they, too, would face some issues. Trump's Dunce Cap Award winning diatribe will still be fresh in people's minds over the next few days.

No, I think the best place for the pageants, even with their years of having been aired on broadcast TV, would be online, where there's less chance of any sort of political backlash.

I don't even watch these events anymore, so I don't know about ratings. Does it matter at this point?

Enjoy your new Dunce Cap, Donald. There may be more coming if you keep this up.


magicdog said...

Sorry - yet another dunce cap which is undeserved.

Trump merely told the truth about the issues with Mexico (especially how many illegal immigrant women are raped repeatedly looking to cross the border). The same truths were reported independently on FUSION (and subsidiary of Univision BTW) and the Huffington Post. Strange how they have a problem since it came from someone else's mouth.

He went on Bill O'Reilly last night and acquitted himself very well. It seems to be solidifying his run for the WH is real, since he split from NBC (remember, their president is a big Obama lover!) let go of The Apprentice, and now Macy's has announced they are dropping his line from their stores.

It's also been announced he's suing Univision for breach of contract (to the tune of half a billion) and more will be pending. Personally, I don't care about pageants, and sooner or later, someone will scoop it up. If it can make money, someone will take it. Like "American Bandstand", it has outlived its initial function when traditional outlets became obsolete.

He's currently second in Republican poll rankings, right behind Bush, so he's not as despised as much as it appears. I, of course am still a bit suspicious as this house of cards collapsed rather quickly, so I'm not totally convinced this isn't a glorified stunt.

If he does win the presidency, he'll have the last laugh.

hobbyfan said...

Trump ain't winning the nomination. I still think he'll drop out if he can't win in NY or NJ, or before those primaries come around.

I read about the suit vs. Univision. As if he needs more money and attention. The worst case scenario is, if he does get the nomination, having him name that other old coot, Vince McMahon, as his VP. There goes the White House......