Friday, June 12, 2015

(Slightly) Forgotten TV: Motor Madness (1997)

Before changing its name to Spike TV in 2003, The Nashville Network (TNN) made every effort to diversify its programming, replacing Nashville Now (which was later replaced with Music City Tonight) on Fridays with Motor Madness, devoting the entire Friday primetime block to motorsports, mostly monster trucks.

Today, such a program could be found on the CBS Sports Network, if CBS chose to try it. Maybe ESPN would take a shot.

The series launched in 1997, but didn't really pick up steam----or additional viewers----until the 2nd season, when wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes joined the show as a commentator. At one point, Butterscotch Jackson, a comic relief character also added to the show, was presented with an nWo t-shirt. At the time, Rhodes had joined the rebel faction in WCW, but that didn't last very long. Jackson must've been a wrestling fan. Wrestling-style skits were added to the mix, which actually was counter-productive. Eventually, TNN cancelled the series, and would move into the wrestling business themselves in August 1999 by signing a deal with ECW.

In memory of Rhodes, who passed away yesterday, we present an episode of Motor Madness from 1998.

Rating: C.

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