Saturday, June 13, 2015

Musical Interlude: The Three Bells (1959)

In memory of Jim Ed Brown, who passed away Thursday at 81, we present perhaps his biggest hit, as a member of the country-folk family combo, the Browns.

"The Three Bells" was released in 1959. The following clip is from a 1965 Grand Ole Opry broadcast.

In later years, Brown would be teamed with Helen Cornelius, and landed a few more hits on the country charts.


magicdog said...

I first heard this song on WCBS FM (The GOLDEN 101) in NY over 25 years ago - it was part of a vintage countdown. I miss those top 40 countdowns of a random year!

I liked it immediately - although I always had the feeling like some of the lyrics were missing since Jimmy Brown's life skipped over having children, etc. It just went from birth, to meeting and marrying his sweetheart then his death.

Still, sorry to hear one of the Browns has truly passed away. I wonder if they'll play this at the funeral?

hobbyfan said...

Ya just never know.