Thursday, June 4, 2015

Forgotten TV: The Outcasts (1968)

Screen Gems premiered a pair of hour long dramas in 1968 that were as different as night and day.

Here Come The Brides, more of a comedy-drama than a straight drama, lasted 2 seasons. The Outcasts, a Western, lasted just one. 

In a way, The Outcasts, about a former slave and a former slave owner who became a team of bounty hunters in the post-Civil War West, was a Western spin on the film, "The Defiant Ones", only instead of Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier, you had Don Murray and Otis Young, and they weren't chained together and forced to co-exist. They were, really, reluctant partners.

Curiously, when TV Land had their weekend Western block in the 90's, I didn't recall them acquiring this show, but they ran almost every other Western they could get their hands on. Maybe Sony wasn't willing to share....!

Anyway, here's a sample clip:

Murray waited another decade or so before landing another prominent series gig (Knots Landing). Young was never heard from again.

No rating.

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