Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Classic (?) TV: Singled Out (1995)

It was The Dating Game taken to the nth power. It also can be credited for the eventual development of ABC's twin relationship "reality" shows, The Bachelor & The Bachelorette.

Singled Out launched on MTV in 1995, and of course was played into the ground, airing as much as six days a week. Comic Chris Hardwick, currently the moderator of AMC's Talking Dead as well as hosting @Midnight on Comedy Central, served as host, aided by Jenny McCarthy at first, and when McCarthy was spun off into a solo series, singer-actress Carmen Electra was tapped to take her place. Unfortunately, Singled survived for about 18 months into the Electra era before being cancelled.

The dating pool maxed out at 50 prospective dates, and there were even special celebrity editions, which recalled an era early in the Dating Game's run that saw comedy legends Don Rickles & Groucho Marx make guest appearances.

Here's a sample clip:

Raunchy and annoying all at once. Talk about sensory overload!

Rating: C.

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