Thursday, May 19, 2016

Classic TV: Texas John Slaughter (1958)

You might say that the dramatization of the exploits of real life Texas Ranger Texas John Slaughter were Walt Disney's answer to The Lone Ranger, though the latter series had ended by the time Slaughter was added to Walt Disney Presents in 1958.

Tom Tryon was cast in the title role as Slaughter, who initially turned down the Rangers, but would eventually join their number. Slaughter soldiered on for three seasons (1958-61), and reruns later aired on Disney Channel's Vault Disney late night block.

Tryon turned from acting to writing, retiring from the screen in 1969. One of his books, Harvest Home, was later adapted by Disney into "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home", starring Bette Davis.

Here's the first installment of Texas John Slaughter, with intro by Disney.

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