Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Musical Interlude: The Wild & The Young (1986)

I'm not much of a heavy metal enthusiast, but "hair metal" was big in the 80's, and amidst all the noise, there were a few choice tracks that were worth the listen.

Quiet Riot offered a picture of a dystopian, Orwellian future with 1986's "The Wild & The Young", which suggested that, well, the government had outlawed rock & roll after 30 years of "rebellion", and that the Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC), founded in 1985, had "won". Perhaps the catchiest image is that of game show icon Wink Martindale (ex-Tic Tac Dough) as a military dictator, and repeating one line over and over:

"No rock & roll! No rock & roll!"

Must've come as a shock to a lot of parents who were familiar with Martindale from Dough as well as Gambit and other shows.

Thankfully, our world didn't turn out that way......

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