Sunday, May 15, 2016

On The Air: The Chronicles of Cisco (2016)

Cisco is, of course, Cisco Ramon, alias Vibe (Carlos Valdes), the geeky tech whiz who coined a lot of the villains' names on The Flash these two seasons. What the CW decided to do, with season 2 of Flash winding down, was give viewers an online miniseries spotlighting Cisco, all alone at STAR Labs. Each chapter runs about 2 minutes or so in length, and offers Valdes the opportunity to demonstrate some comedic range.

Here we go:

The first few seconds you've already seen in teasers airing on The Flash, Arrow, and/or Legends of Tomorrow. Trust me, it gets silly before it's all said and done, and leaves room for a sequel. That's all I can say for right now.

Rating: A.


Samuel Wilson said...

Err, do you mean to say that this offers Valdes a chance to show comic range as opposed to The Flash, where he's hilarious every single week?

hobbyfan said...

A wider range, Sam. What we see on Tuesdays only scratches the surface, in my opinion.