Monday, May 23, 2016

Rockin' Funnies: Spy Hard (1996)

"Spy Hard" was a parody of spy movies that starred Leslie Nielsen, Andy Griffith, and Nicolette Sheridan, among others. By this point, Nielsen had become typecast as a comic actor specializing in these type of movies. What had been a career saving move 16 years earlier now made it impossible for him to return to his dramatic roots.

The title song is performed by master satirist "Weird" Al Yankovic, and the opening titles parody the James Bond film, "Thunderball", whose title song was recorded by Tom Jones.

The movie itself had cameos from talent as diverse as Mr. T, Dr. Joyce Brothers, "Downtown" Julie Brown, and Hulk Hogan. As I recall, it didn't do well at the box office. Hmmmmm.....

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