Monday, May 30, 2016

Forgotten TV: Tour of Duty (1987)

After dramas and sitcoms set in World War II (i.e. McHale's Navy, 12 0'Clock High) and the Korean War (M*A*S*H, of course), it was perhaps inevitable that television would move forward toward the Vietnam War. There were two dramas set in that timeframe, both launching relatively around the same time.

One was CBS' Tour of Duty, which lasted three seasons (1987-90). In the wake of the Robin Williams hit film, "Good Morning, Vietnam", and its 60's-centric soundtrack, the folks at New World Television, the show's producers, chose to use the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black" as Tour's theme song for the first season.

Terence Knox came over from St. Elsewhere. John Dye would later resurface on Touched by an Angel. Kim Delaney would gain greater fame in NYPD Blue. Not pictured in the above video was Kevin Conroy, who only appeared during the 1st season. He's better known, of course, for nearly 2 decades of work as the voice of Batman. One of these days, we'll look at the other Vietnam-era drama, China Beach. Since this is Memorial Day, I thought we'd showcase Tour, which currently airs weekdays on Get TV, which is doing a Tour marathon today until 8 pm (ET).

Rating: B.

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