Monday, May 2, 2016

On The Air: Inside Edition (1989)

Once upon a time, tabloid TV mostly consisted of news-magazines such as Hard Copy, A Current Affair, and Inside Edition, the latter of which is still on the air, finishing its 27th season.

Inside began with the late David Frost as anchor, but viewers couldn't see him as a news anchor of any kind, and so Frost was demoted to a correspondent after three weeks, replaced by Bill O'Reilly. Inside took off from there, and after O'Reilly left for Fox News after a six year run, the series has been anchored by former NBC News anchor Deborah Norville. It requires two people to anchor the weekend edition, and for a while in the 90's, veteran sportscaster Don Criqui was brought in as co-anchor of Inside Edition Weekend.

Locally, Inside Edition has been passed around most of the network affiliates in the market like a hot potato over the course of 27 years. Despite the shuffling of affiliates in different cities around the country, Inside Edition rolls on.

Following is a sample episode from the O'Reilly era, dating back to 1991.

Yes, they did employ MTV's Downtown Julie Brown for a while, before she left the then-music channel. Today, don't you just wish they could retire this show?

Rating: B.

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