Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moron TV: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (2003)

Martial arts movies dubbed into English have been popular for years. In 2003, Spike TV joined forces with a Japanese network to create a bizarre game show (?) that makes "kung fu theatre" look like high art.

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (otherwise known as MXC) aired in primetime and on Sunday afternoons during its 4 year run (2003-7). Most of the footage was taken from the Japanese series, Takeshi's Castle, and was presented as a parody of "reality" competition shows dating all the way back to the 70's. At least one episode was recorded here in the US, at Universal Studios' theme park in Florida, with special guest Tony Hawk.

Anyway, the only reason MXC isn't still on the air may be because they ran out of Japanese footage to dub over and/or declining ratings.

Scope out the first episode. All the female voices are performed by comedienne-actress Mary Scheer (ex-MadTV):

Rating: C-.


Samuel Wilson said...

On a trivial note, the Takeshi of the original title is Takeshi Kitano, who moved on from game-show hosting to become an acclaimed actor and director of crime movies. An American counterpart for that is very hard to imagine.

hobbyfan said...

As I said, Sam, this was a parody. It wasn't meant to be accurate, and I think the concept was different from the original.