Friday, May 27, 2016

Forgotten TV: She's The Sheriff (1987)

Here's another series that was part of a syndicated checkerboard block (weeknights) back in 1987.

You're forgiven if you only remember Suzanne Somers' other TV work, aside from Three's Company, as being the pitchwoman for Thighmaster back in the 80's. Ah, but that wasn't all. Somers made her return to series television in She's The Sheriff, which lasted two seasons (1987-9), or one more than most folks might've thought it was worth.

The concept had originally been pitched under a different title, Cass Malloy, to CBS 5 years earlier, but didn't sell. So, after a few tweaks, it finally hit the air as She's The Sheriff. While we had become accustomed to crime dramas fronted by women dating back to the 50's (Decoy), and up to the 70's (Charlie's Angels, Police Woman), I don't think audiences were ready for a distaff version, if you will, of the seminal Andy Griffith Show. To be honest, I'd think this could've still been sold to a network, except for the fact that Company was still in reruns, and viewers identified Somers more as the dim-bulb Chrissy Snow instead of accepting her as a completely different character, in this case widow Hildy Granger, who assumes her late husband's term as sheriff. Hildy has to deal with a resentful, jealous deputy (George Wyner), upset that he'd been passed over for the sheriff's job.

Here's the open:

Today, it probably would air on a network. That's about all I can say. No rating.

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