Friday, May 31, 2013

A little bit of this & a little of that

Will it ever end?

Yahoo! is reporting this morning that a 5 year old boy was suspended from his school for 10 days for bringing a toy cap gun with him to show a friend. What is so galling is that the school principal was so insensitive to the age of this poor kid, that she interrogated him for 2 hours before bothering to call the boy's mom. By the time mommy got there, the little guy had wet his pants. He was probably crying his eyes out, too, but Yahoo! didn't mention that. The story does say that the case is being appealed. If the suspension, harsh and improper as it is, stands, the kid will miss the rest of the season, and this incident will be on his permanent record.

Look. The child is in kindergarten. You can't expect these kids to understand that things have changed so quickly in the last 5 months since Sandy Hook. You have school administrators who are paranoid about guns of any kind that they're so quick to issue knee-jerk suspensions without regard to the prospect of traumatizing the poor kids. They're so afraid that these school massacres are doing the traumatizing, but fail to see that they're doing their own share with their stupidity.

Need I mention, then, that this was in Maryland, within shouting distance, perhaps, of the White House?
When it was announced last year that Scooby-Doo would meet some of the stars of the WWE in an animated movie set at Wrestlemania, fans of both camps had to be excited. The movie won't hit stores until just before Wrestlemania 30 next spring, but even before that project is completed, WWE & WB have announced another collaboration, this time sending Vince McMahon, John Cena, et al, into the stone age.

Yes, you read that right. WWE in 2015 will visit the Flintstones. With news that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's proposed Flintstones reboot for Fox has been buried in turnaround, fans will have to wait 2 more years to see some new stuff with Fred, Barney, and the gang. One can only wonder if Pebbles will be able to be a teenaged WWE diva...........! To think this all started because Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made some cracks equating Cena with Fruity Pebbles cereal, which Fred & Barney have endorsed for more than 40 years.......
Everyone, I think, expected the Yankees to dominate the annual Subway Series vs. the Mets. Nuh-uh. Not even close. The Mets completed a 4-game sweep Thursday, moving closer to the .500 mark with a 3-1 verdict. The Amazin's outscored the Bronx Bombers, 16-7, in the series. Granted, the Yankee apologists will point to the fact that the Yanks were missing several key players due to injury and hit just 2 homers in the series (Brennan Bosch on Wednesday, Robinson Cano on Thursday). They'll get Mark Teixiera & Kevin Youkilis back tonight for a series vs. Boston, and Andy Pettite is set to return Monday vs. Cleveland, but if George Steinbrenner were still with us, he'd have been raging and looking for scapegoats after getting swept off the field by the Mets.

What may be even more galling to the Yankees is the Mets' interleague record to date, a sparkling 7-1 (the lone loss was vs. the Chicago White Sox). Bear in mind, the Mets still have 1 game to make up vs. Minnesota, plus a 2-game return match vs. the ChiSox and series vs. Detroit, Cleveland, & Kansas City. Whodathunk they'd feast on the AL Central like this?

To think that it was supposedly leaked out in the tabloid press that moribound infielders Ike Davis & Ruben Tejada were threatened with demotion to Triple A earlier this week. Davis has avoided it again, but Tejada instead finds himself on the DL with a quad injury sustained Wednesday. Actually, if the tabloids weren't so obsessive-compulsive over every minute detail, the team could go about their business a little quieter. Impossible, of course, in New York.

Personally, I'd like to see the biggest gasbag in the city, Mike Francesca, try working out with the Mets or Yankees, or even train with any of the city's teams, before polluting the air with his self-centered opinions and attitude. Dude, you only think you know everything, and probably haven't admitted to being wrong since you were a child.
So the New York Rangers fired coach John Tortorella earlier this week, less than a week after being eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by Boston. The most likely place Tortorella will go next will be in the television studio. After all, where do most coaches go these days between jobs to make sure they get the attention of the other owners?
This week's Dunce Cap winner, Amanda Bynes, is now denying she ripped on Rhianna, but then started looking for other people to rag on via Twitter. Actually, what she should be doing is taking a vacation from Twitter instead of reality.

If you think that's bad, consider that one of the supermarket magazines had a cover headline claiming the former child star wanted to "be the next Kim Kardashian". Oh, please, give me a break. I realize that mags like OK!, In Touch, and their ilk are desperate for readers, but these days, a majority of their headlines are probably fabricated in an effort to try to lure readers. Sorry, jabronies, but it ain't happening here. Bad enough that rags like Globe, which used to be reputable, have sunk to being almost totally fictional in their reporting. Better, then, to fold, and follow sister rag Weekly World News into online retirement.


magicdog said...

I heard about the kid who was forced to pee in his pants. The principal is lucky that wasn't my son - because I would have duct taped her to a chair and left her there until she peed in HER pants!

They don't even treat them like that at Gitmo!

To top it all off, the principal tried to CYA by lying about the kid aiming the cap gun at other students. His older sister who was with him refuted this.

It's another classic case of liberalism/zero tolerance run amuck. I hope the kid's mom sues the school and this principal personally! I also hope she homeschools her boy from now on - because stuff like this scars a child and it's going to be difficult to undo the damage.

hobbyfan said...

The "lying" was, I think, the result of panicked commentary and confusion. Gee, there's a shocker for you. A 5 year old doesn't threaten anyone. He has no capacity for that.

Too many cases of this and we're not even halfway through the calendar year! The PTA is going to have its hands full this summer!