Friday, May 3, 2013

Dunce Cap Award: John Doe

This is something I just had to share, because it just happened en route to work.

I had made it in time to catch the 7:40 CDTA #22 bus (Albany-Troy via Watervliet), but it didn't reach my stop until 7:49 am (ET). I initially figured the driver was on an extended layover. I figured wrong.

As the bus reached Menands a few minutes ago, there were two Menands Police cruisers stationed near a bus shelter, a short distance from a tiny mini-mall that houses Price Chopper and Rite Aid as its anchors. One passenger was getting off, but the issue was with a guy who had been on an earlier run, and left behind a bag containing his bus pass. Turns out the driver found not only the pass, but also-----wait for it----some crack cocaine. Naturally, she reported the drugs, and Joe Blow was in police custody. He'd flagged down the bus, not knowing it was going to stop there anyway, and tried to get his pass back. That's when the driver told him she'd found the crack and, in essence, had ratted him out. The last I saw, as I was walking from Riverview Center (the former Montgomery Ward building) to my job, the cruisers were on their way back to the station, with this week's winner of both the Weasel of the Week and Dunce Cap Award in the back seat of one of them.

Comedian Ron White is credited with popularizing the phrase, "you can't fix stupid". Our for-now-anonymous Weasel hasn't figured that out yet.

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