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Ultimate Wrestling East @ Troy Boys & Girls Club, 5/5/13.

It's been six weeks since 787 Pro Wrestling's last show. Now, the promotion is known as Ultimate Wrestling East, and today's show, billed as "Redline", drew the smallest crowd to date. Whether it was because parents opted against returning after some issues last time, I don't know, but there were some other issues that cropped up today.

The fans weren't admitted into the gym until 2:10, even though the doors to the Troy Boys & Girls Club were open on time. Some of the talent was running late, and that started a chain reaction of sorts. The bleachers remained closed, so either you had to improvise, or you'd get to mingle with the ringsiders, even if you paid less for your ticket than they did. Things like this happen, and you learn from such misfortune.

Anyway, there were two pre-show matches. The first featured Doink, billed as the "Clown Prince of Professional Wrestling". No, I don't know who was under the makeup. His opponent was a masked newcomer, whose name I couldn't quite catch due to the faulty sound system. Anyway, it was old school Doink in effect, as he won by tap-out. The second bout introduced two more newcomers, Harley Cruise vs. Ben Ortiz. Cruise won this in a quick squash, and would return later.

The show proper finally began around 2:40, and ring announcer Brian Cady came out with General Manager J. P. Black, who's otherwise sidelined due to injury. Black, in turn, called out Lenn Oddity and Chris Envy, who were tied in a internet fan poll to determine a #1 contender for the UWE title, held by Vik Dalishus. Black's decision here was an easy one, as it'll be a triple threat for the title.

Now, for the matches:

1. Este Tipo def. Randy Walker. Randy's valet-wife, Brandi, was in absentia this time, so Randy had to push the wheelbarrow into the ring himself. Not that it changed his luck any, since he lost again. Tipo used a codebreaker to pick up the win. Well, it is Cinco de Mayo, after all.

2. Dalton Castle def. Kriptic Keegan. Keegan's one of these guys who really needs to do less talking smack and more wrestling if he's finally going to reach the winner's circle. Funny thing. Some fans were "Fandangoing" after the match, as the WWE wrestler's theme played over the loudspeaker at a low volume. Castle won with a rudimentary wrestling move, a German suplex and bridge.

3. Bill Carr, who debuted last time, def. Foxx Vinyer. Vinyer tried to cut a promo to explain why he turned on Rob Coleman last time, but was cut off. That story will continue. Carr was a WWE developmental trainee at one time, but didn't pass muster. Right now, Vince McMahon is wishing he hadn't cut the guy. Carr won with a sweet looking Black Hole Slam, which makes Wade Barrett's version, Winds of Change, look like, well, chump change.

4. Hale Collins, another man who debuted in March, def. Adam Badger. The UWE website crowed that Badger was getting a tryout with a bigger promotion in New York last month, but apparently things didn't go so well. Too, Badger didn't learn anything from Keegan's mistakes earlier, and wasted too much time talking smack to the ringsiders. Back to the drawing board for "The Spectacle".

5. UWE tag titles: The Monarchy def. Harley Cruise & Shane Alden. Once again, the Outkast Killaz came to the aid of the Monarchy, this time accompanied by some yuppie geek who apparently is a business associate of Marshall McNeil. Dalton Castle came back out with a chair to chase off the Killaz, but the Monarchy took advantage of the distraction, and Alden was pinned. They have 0 credibility as long as McNeil has the Killaz on retainer, but as we would later see, that may soon change.

6. CJ Scott def. Kyle Badger by tap-out. Interstate champion Coconut Jones was kept off the card due to a concussion at the hands of Scott 6 weeks ago, but may be back to battle "The Wolf" next time. Scott had been using the package piledriver as a finisher, but not this time, and varied the offense by going to a submission finish.

7. Bobby Fish def. Rob Coleman. Fish, 1/2 of the Ring of Honor tag champs, reDRagon, was another one doing a lot of talking, but his antics made this match more fun, as people were laughing as if this was a bit from the Harlem Globetrotters. Vinyer came back out to continue his issue with Coleman by pushing his ex-partner off the top rope, then hid under the ring. The sad part was, the ref saw it, and had to act like he didn't. A ringsider pointed out Vinyer to the dunce ref as Vinyer went under the ring, but Fish picked up the fall. Vinyer never came out where I could see, so he had to have slithered out the other side, and worked his way back to the locker room. Meanwhile, Fish had to be restrained from going after the fan, who in turn met with Black to address his concerns. Uh-oh.

For what it's worth, due likely to logistics more than anything else, Fish and partner Kyle O'Reilly weren't booked to appear for ROH in Toronto this weekend.

8. The Outkast Killaz def. the Joint Task Force. Diablo Santiago wore some sort of ceremonial mask to the ring, the kind associated with witch doctors, I believe. Anyway, these guys didn't need any help from their manager or the Monarchy, and took care of business on their own just fine, thanks. Post-match, Yuppie Yutzie put on the mask, which was a big no-no. Santiago & Oman Tortuga turned on Mr. No-Name and left him lying. Something tells me that after they settle up with the Peacock Experience, the Monarchy are next!

9. UWE title: Vik Dalishus def. Chris Envy & Lenn Oddity. The Fandango theme hit again, and Keegan, who joined JP Black at the timekeeper's table, was doing some Fandangoing, along with some of the fans. Dalishus tried to get his opponents to play along, after Oddity had used a deck of cards on him earlier, but no sale. Angle at the end. Bonnie, Oddity's wife-valet, got on the apron, which was new for her. Dalishus went after her with Lenn incapacitated. Envy tried to help, but barely collided with Mrs. Oddity, who fell awkwardly and sold a leg injury the rest of the way. Dalishus hit a classic belly-to-belly suplex on Envy, ending the match. After, he continued the attack. Lenn Oddity came back with a chair, then let it go, basically turning on Envy for accidentally hitting Bonnie. Dalishus used the chair on Envy, but then a young girl hit the ring and pleaded with Dalishus to stop. Bill Carr came back to make the save, and after some back and forth facilitated by Black, we have a title match at the next show, tentatively set for June 9, which is also the Flag Day parade here in the home district.

Some of the issues last time may have included language. Oman Tortuga dropped an F-bomb, and promptly apologized, which may have gotten the crowd on the side of the Killaz by the end of the day. In speaking with ring announcer Brian Cady after the show, I learned that "Buttery" Bert Williams was scratched from the 3/24 show because he had retired due to an injury, ending a career of more than a decade spent entirely in the indies. All the best to Bert in his next venture.

Again, the June 9 date isn't set in stone, but watch the UWE website for more details.

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