Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Three more pass to eternity

I opened up the paper this morning, and was stunned to read of the passing of psychologist Joyce Brothers at the age of 85. Most people know Dr. Brothers from a zillion game show appearances, from Hollywood Squares to Showoffs, and talk shows, being interviewed by Mike Douglas, Conan O'Brien, et al, over the course of her career. But, did you know that her first bout with fame (pun intended) came on The 64,000 Question. Her field of expertise? Would you believe-----boxing?

Unfortunately, the episode of The 64,000 Question has been deleted by YouTube. In its place, we present Dr. Brothers' appearance on The Amazing Kreskin's show in 1977:

Hollywood has been mourning the passings of two others in recent days. Special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen left us about a week ago, leaving behind a lifetime of work, including the "Sinbad" movies in the 70's. Meanwhile, The Young & The Restless will pay tribute later this month to cast member Jeanne Cooper, who passed on May 8 at 84. Here is Ms. Cooper's final appearance on the show, which aired 5 days earlier, on May 3:

Rest in peace.


magicdog said...

While I don't doubt the late Doctor's educational credentials, I still find it hard to believe she was so into pugilistic pursuits. If she really knew that much about boxing, she would have been called to give her commentary on contenders of all those legendary bouts!

Ray Harryhousen was a name I knew well! I grew up watching so many of the films he worked to bring to life! CGI had nothing on him!! I still love "Jason & The Argonauts" and his last film, the original "Clash Of The Titans".

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, but can you picture Dr. Brothers getting a word in edgewise with Howard Cosell?