Friday, May 3, 2013

What Might've Been: Carter Country (1977)

With Jimmy Carter in the White House, someone decided to create a sitcom set in the then-President's home state of Georgia. Regrettably, Carter Country was off the air before Carter lost his re-election bid in 1980.

ABC smartly placed the series on Thursday nights, and if memory serves, it was hammocked between two hit series, Welcome Back, Kotter & Barney Miller, so it should've lasted longer than it did. Like the New York-set Miller, Carter Country had a fairly decent ensemble cast, headed up by Victor French, who came over from (and returned to) Little House on the Prarie to star as police chief Roy Mobley.

Much of the laughs were either generated by Clinton Corners Mayor Teddy Burnside (Richard Paul), who seemed more interested in delegating tasks to Chief Mobley than actually doing his job, or Mobley's officers (Harvey Vernon & Guich Koock). Kene Holliday made his debut on this series, but would later resurface in a dramatic role nearly a decade later on Matlock. Vernee Watson was actually pulling double duty, as she was also heard on Saturday mornings as one of Captain Caveman's Teen Angels, launching a voice acting career that has been more prolific than her work in front of the camera.

Gilmore Box uploaded the open:

As noted, after Carter Country ended, Victor French returned to Little House on the Prarie to resume his role as Mr. Edwards, and of course, his association with Michael Landon would continue with Highway To Heaven after that.

Rating: B.

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