Friday, February 9, 2018

Forgotten TV: Moonlight & Magnolias (1990)

By 1990, Mark Rothman, who'd worked for Paramount in the 70's, and had a hand in developing Laverne & Shirley and Busting Loose, among others, was for all intents & purposes out of the television business. Instead, he was teaching acting in California, but wasn't getting paid. Instead, that class led to an unsold pilot entitled, Moonlight & Magnolias.

As you'll see, this was a little bit different than the average pilot. It's like trying to sell a public access show to a network.

You might remember cast member Ronnie Claire Edwards from The Waltons, and, truth be told, aside from Rothman, she was the only familiar name here. This, to me, defines what a grass roots project in television should be. The cast did the best they could, but couldn't convince network suits to take a chance.

No rating. Just a public service.

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