Thursday, February 22, 2018

What Might've Been: Trivia Trap (1984)

The emergence of the board game, Trivial Pursuit (which was later adapted for television), led to Mark Goodson deciding to develop his own trivia game. Unfortunately, Trivia Trap lasted just 6 months in 1984-5 on ABC, stuck in a morning slot opposite one of Goodson's classic games, The Price is Right, as well as Wheel of Fortune on NBC.

Bob Eubanks served as host, and I think this might've been his last effort for ABC, after The Newlywed Game and Rhyme & Reason. Two months into the show's run, the format was altered from what you're about to see after Goodson received feedback from a focus group.

The late Charlie O'Donnell, better known for his work on Wheel and American Bandstand, was the 2nd of three announcers used on the show, and is heard in this sample show.

In ye scribe's opinion, ABC kept cutting itself short in the morning, giving their affiliates 2 hours in between Good Morning, America and their daytime lineup. It also allowed CBS & NBC, which programmed from 10 am (ET) forward back then, a huge advantage in terms of ratings.

Could this return? That's open to debate.

Rating: A.

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