Thursday, February 8, 2018

Video Valentine: The Next Time I Fall (1986)

Former Chicago frontman Peter Cetera scored his 2nd #1 hit with 1986's "The Next Time I Fall", which also introduced mainstream radio to Christian singer Amy Grant.

Cetera has since had duets with Cher ("After All") and actress-singer Crystal Bernard ("Forever Tonight"). After crossing over with "Find a Way" in 1988, Amy Grant reached the top of the charts again in 1991 with "Baby Baby", the 1st single from "Heart in Motion".


magicdog said...

Always liked this tune!

It was my first exposure to Amy Grant's singing (she was as you stated, seen only as a "Christian music" artist) so I wondered why she couldn't do mainstream music prior to this?
Her voice and Peter Cetera's blended together perfectly!

I haven't seen Chicago play since Cetera left - and people who have tell me the band is just not as good without him. He seemed to have a decent solo career ahead of him but seemed to drop off the Top 40 map by the early 90s.

hobbyfan said...

As noted, "Next Time" was Amy Grant's introduction to the Top 40 pop charts, and she'd have a run of hits between 1991-4, culminating with a duet with current husband Vince Gill, "House of Love".