Monday, December 5, 2022

Victorian Stroll 2022, and a meeting with old classmates

 Time to get personal.

I've never really been one to toot my own horn, but Sunday's Victorian Stroll affords me the opportunity to do just that.

See, the plan was, I would be in a party of four, the other three being classmates from Troy High, class of 1981.  However, half the group was unavailable due to other commitments.

I'm in the center of this picture. On the left is Claire Hughes, formerly of the Albany Times-Union & Albany Business Review (formerly the Capital District Business Review). On the right is Ornella Quinn (nee Russomanno), who was our Homecoming Queen. Today, she's happily married with two sons, and otherwise lives & works in Massachusetts. Claire was raised in South Troy, Ornella in Sycaway, and moi? My folks started on the Troy-Lansingburgh border, 2nd Avenue side, then North Central, to my current HQ in downtown. The three of us studied journalism together at THS.

Ornella & I caught up with Claire at Artcentric, where the picture was taken.

Earlier, Ornella & I checked out some carolers at St. Paul's Church on 3rd Street. The original plan was for the chime concert at St. John's, further out on 1st Street, and----my bad---I had the two events mixed up.

St. Paul's is one of Troy's oldest churches, and its Tiffany stained glass windows are an attraction for tourists. To wit:

After St. Paul's, it was on to do some shopping, before reaching the Arts Center of The Capital Region, and Dinner With Will, which we discussed yesterday. Then, Artcentric was next.

Like, we packed a lot of stuff into nearly four hours. The encore should be next year.

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