Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celebrity Rock: Driven to Tears (2011)

On Thanksgiving Day, my brother & I were watching one of the broadcasts of the Macy's parade. The CBS version featured some pre-recorded performances by Sting, the leader of the Police. We concluded that he wasn't at his best, and that his singing voice was gradually betraying him.

Five years earlier, Sting (Gordon Sumner) was feted with a lavish birthday party/concert at New York's Beacon Theatre, with guests ranging from Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen to Lady Gaga and......Robert Downey, Jr..

Downey had done some singing on Ally McBeal several years earlier, and has recorded at least one CD. A lifelong fan of Sting and the Police, Downey fulfilled a childhood dream sharing the stage with Sting in an episode of McBeal.

Here, Downey joins Sting for a rendition of the Police's "Driven to Tears". Downey's vocals fall somewhere between Springsteen and Dave Matthews. Don't believe me? Scope for yourselves, pilgrims.


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