Saturday, January 7, 2017

Forgotten TV: Checking In (1981)

After 7 seasons on The Jeffersons, some genius decided that Florence, the tart-tongued maid (Marla Gibbs), deserved her own series. If memory serves, Checking In, which lasted just a month in the spring of 1981, either filled in for Jeffersons or shared space on the Sunday schedule for CBS.

Only 4 episodes made it to air, as viewers sent a message. Even though Florence was a beloved, popular character, the audience felt she wasn't meant to be fronting a show of her own. Gibbs was given a supporting cast that included Larry Linville (ex-M*A*S*H), Liz Torres, and Robert Costanzo, the latter better known for his later cartoon work (Batman: The Animated Series in particular).

Here's the open:

No rating.


Hal Horn said...

Premiered on my birthday that year, a Thursday. Was tried along with a Harold Gould series called Park Place. Neither made much headway filling in for The Waltons, which was on its way out after 9 seasons.

hobbyfan said...

Ok, I had thought maybe it would've been paired with The Jeffersons, which would've made more sense, but as you describe it, Hal, this would be filed under "What was CBS thinking?".