Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dunce Cap Award: President-Elect Donald Trump

With 10 days to the inauguration of the most deranged President in history, Donald Trump has added another Dunce Cap to a growing list of "awards" from this desk. Why? Read on.

On Monday, the incoming Commander-in-Chief told a New York Times reporter that "all of the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It's hard to find a great dress for this inauguration."

A Vice President for a Washington-area Neiman Marcus begs to differ, telling the Washington Post that the store still has plenty of dresses available. Krista Johnson, owner of Ella Rue, located in the Georgetown section, acknowledged that her store always has dresses in a separate interview with the Post.

Translation: Dumb Donald should've done some due diligence, or at least had any number of his New York based assistants do that for him. On the surface, one can assume he meant to say that he couldn't find a suitable dress for wife Melania or daughter Ivanka, then painted all of Washington's dress shops with a overly wide brush just out of sheer stupidity.

The delusions that our incoming President is living under are cause enough for concern. What also gets him in trouble is his needless critique of Golden Globe winner Meryl Streep's comments on Sunday night, calling Streep "overrated". So he read between the lines of her comments, and found another excuse to waste Twitter space with mindless, delusional twaddle. Big freakin' whoop. Once he takes office on January 20, Mr. Trump needs to settle into his new job and suspend his 3 am (ET) Twaddle-storms, as boneheaded as they've become.

If Trump has to rent a DVD before the 20th, I'd like to recommend one specific movie. "The President's Analyst", starring James Coburn, because, friends, he's going to need one. Yesterday.

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