Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weasel of the Week: Brandy Jaymes

I've read of a lot of child abuse cases over the years, but this one literally is a case of the shiznit hitting the fan.

Brandy Jaymes, 36, was arrested Tuesday by local police in Utah on charges that she locked one of her three children in a darkened bathroom, and kept him there, investigators say, for as much as 2 years. The child, when retrieved by his father, who is separated from his wife, weighed just 30 pounds.


There are few details as to why this child was being kept locked away. His siblings communicated with him through a locked door up until six months ago, and Jaymes had a baby monitor hooked up in the room where she could check on him through her smart-phone.

Online commentators on Yahoo!, predictably, are calling for Jaymes to take the same kind of abuse she heaped on her own child (the brother & sister are in the custody of child protective services), but that only exacerbates the situation, in this writer's opinion. The child was pulled from school a while back, presumably for disciplinary issues, which suggests a learning disorder that Jaymes chose not to address. One has to guess that she wouldn't understand that her actions further imperiled the boy because she might not have finished school herself.

I don't know if Weasels actually roam in Utah, but a two-legged one certainly does.

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