Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Forgotten TV: The Young Lawyers (1970)

The early success of NBC's The Bold Ones, particularly the New Lawyers portion of the anthology, prompted CBS & ABC to try to copy. Unfortunately, neither succeeded.

ABC's attempt was hooking up with Paramount to produce The Young Lawyers, which lasted 1 season (1970-1). It marked the return to television of Lee J. Cobb (ex-The Virginian), who had gone from playing a judge to a government agent in James Coburn's "Flint" movies to a senior lawyer in a Boston firm. CBS' Storefront Lawyers, later rechristened Men at Law, as memory serves, was a network production using the same creative personnel as Hawaii Five-O, but it also was a 1-year wonder. We'll look at that another time if we can.

Here's the intro & a sample clip. This particular episode was directed by John Newland (One Step Beyond):

Co-star Zalman King is better known now as the creator of Red Shoe Diaries. Go figure.

No rating.

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