Saturday, January 14, 2017

Musical Interlude: Can't Stop Loving You (1995)

Van Halen's 1995 CD, "Balance", landed at #1 right out of the chute. It also marked the end of Sammy Hagar's tenure as the band's vocalist after 4 albums over a 8 year period.

I just happened to flip on MTV Classic (formerly VH1 Classic) earlier today, and this nugget of joy came on. I was originally going to save this for next month as a Video Valentine, but since it's still fresh in my head, I figured, why wait? This was the end of Van Halen as a "pop-metal" band, as "Can't Stop Loving You" appealed to the adult contemporary crowd just as much as the hard rock/heavy metal audience that had been with the band from day one.

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