Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Different, Yet The Same Week: What's My Line?, British style (1951)

Yesterday, we presented an episode of What's My Line? with British newscaster Eamonn Andrews, the host of the BBC version of Line, sitting in for John Daly, who was on assignment for ABC at the time. Andrews would return to the American Line as a mystery guest in 1963.

As you're about to see, the British Line isn't any different than its American counterpart. The format is the same, as the only difference is the fact that the BBC is commercial free.

This particular episode is from 1957.

The UK Line has been revived a couple of times, which puts them ahead of its US forebear, which has been off the air since the mid-70's. You'd think, that since other Goodson-Todman games such as I've Got a Secret, To Tell The Truth, & Match Game have been revived multiple times here, a 21st century revamp of Line might be in the future plans for Fremantle Media, the current steward of the Goodson-Todman library. You just never know.

Rating: A.

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