Thursday, December 9, 2021

We've found the GOP's new mascot

 For years, the Republican party's mascot was an elephant, while the Democrats would answer with a donkey.

Today, however, no self respecting elephant would be caught anywhere near a GOPer event.

Proof of this is the latest round of tall tales & lies being told by the Repugnants of late. Fox Shmooze wants to con you into thinking the Democrats are somehow responsible for the current Omicron variant of COVID-19. All Fox Shmooze is about these days, save for some responsible journalists like veterans Chris Wallace and Geraldo Rivera, is selling fear to their viewers.

And, then, there is Senator Cheesehead, aka Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Proving once again he has all the medical credibility of a medicine show huckster of a bygone era, Johnson is claiming that an ordinary, everyday item could be a solution for COVID.

Mouthwash. You know. Listerine. Scope. Lavoris. That kind of thing. Listerine's website has a disclaimer that says it isn't designed to treat COVID. I'd imagine Procter & Gamble, makers of Scope, is doing the same thing.

The problem with Repugnants like Senator Cheesehead is that they're willing to sacrifice innocent lives to push their political agendas. While Fox Shmooze garbage dispensers like Spam Hannity and Tabloid Carlson are vaccinated, per network mandate, they insist on selling the idea that their viewers don't need the vaccines.

There's only one answer to that:

Repugnants and their media partners think their voters are stupid, but, in truth, there are more responsible people in the voting base than there are in the GOP.

And as for what should be the new mascot of the GOP? Well, this'll help:

"Who? Me?"

Yeah, Vincent. You. The GOPers are blind to reality, and want their constituents to be the same way. Have you ever thought about moving to Minnesota?

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