Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What Might've Been: Cool Million (1972)

 A former CIA agent becomes a private detective, whose fee is a Cool Million. Nice idea, but the concept, a component of the NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie, ended up a dud, cancelled after 1 season of 5 TV-movies.

James Farentino (ex-The Bold Ones: The Lawyers) top-lined as Jefferson Keyes, the ex-CIA agent-turned-sleuth. Adele Mara, wife of co-executive producer Roy Huggins, was the secretary, if you will, who fielded calls for Keyes' services. Frequent correspondent Mike Doran supplied this information to YouTube the other day. Mike, however, can't take credit for the video, which another fellow posted back in December.

Here's "Hunt For a Lonely Girl", with Kim Darby, Ray Milland, and a pre-Police Woman Ed Bernard in a supporting role.

Cool Million continued a string of TV failures for series creator Larry Cohen, whose best efforts (Branded, The Invaders) lasted two seasons each, while, in addition to Cool Million, Blue Light, Coronet Blue, & Custer (which Cohen "suggested") each lasted one season. Small wonder Cohen turned to movies, and created the "It's Alive" series of horror films.

No rating. Just a public service.

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