Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Classic TV: The George Gobel Show (1954)

"Lonesome" George Gobel is known to folks from my generation and upward from many appearances on game shows like Hollywood Squares, but well before then, he'd hosted his own primetime show.

The George Gobel Show lasted a bit in the mid-50's, thanks to Gobel being laid back and quiet in his humor, the antithesis, if you will, of contemporaries like Milton Berle. Alpha Video released an episode on DVD, but not the one sampled below. Alpha paired ol' George with Morey Amsterdam, whose series was reviewed last time. An eclectic mix, to be sure. DentelTV1 uploaded this sample clip:

Nearly 30 years later, George returned to primetime, this time in a supporting role on NBC's Harper Valley PTA, based of course on the song by Jeannine C. Riley and starring Barbara Eden. That series lasted two seasons, and it'd be the last time Gobel would see a primetime gig.

Rating: B.

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