Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weasels of the Week: Leyla Ghobadi & Kanye West

This is just too easy.

It must've been a slow news day on Wednesday, because the New York Post decided their cover story would involve a heretofore unknown Canadian model who claimed she'd slept with rapper Kanye West, who ain't exactly up for sainthood himself.

Citing an article in the Star, due to hit shelves tomorrow, the Post reports that Ghobadi had a relationship with West even though he's currently attached to reality starlet Kim Kardashian (who happens to be due any week now), and that, according to Ghobadi, West's liason with Kardashian was simply for publicity purposes, as if he needed any more. Seems to me that he was more than willing to be a party to another made-for-TV relationship for Kardashian, who apparently doesn't know the first thing about playing the field like most folks do.

Today, the New York Daily News blew holes in Ghobadi's story, but the Post, perhaps stupidly, decided to continue the charade. Both papers acknowledge Ghobadi was paid handsomely for her tale, to the tune of $20,000, according to the News, but meanwhile, West went on the defensive and denied Ghobadi's claims. Since the Star's editors didn't administer a lie detector test to Ghobadi to corroborate her story, they may be staring down the barrel of a libel suit down the road.

Like I said, West ain't any more of an angel than Ghobadi. A Yahoo! article I read had West, promoting his new CD, putting himself over as being up there with the likes of Michael Jordan and the late founder of Apple, claiming to be the "Steve Jobs of culture". Please. Get off the high horse already! He ain't apologizing at all, nor does he have any regrets or remorse, for crashing the party on Taylor Swift at an awards show a few years back. He claims that led to "awesomeness", again putting the attention on himself. I'm sorry, but I'd just as soon wait for a MC Hammer greatest hits set to drop before I'd spend any money on this weasel.

Little known women like Ghobadi turn up all the time, but while she has some remorse for what she supposedly did----Wednesday's Post article quoted her as saying she feels bad for Kim Kardashian---she's just looking to cash in on someone else's gravy train, and that's a tired act in itself. West, meanwhile, also picks up a set of Weasel ears for letting his ego get in the way of common sense. Refusing to answer questions about his pending fatherhood? Ok, fine, but one thing he should've addressed is whether or not he'd be willing to take a chance on committing to a marriage with Kardashian, who doesn't know thing one about true love any more than he does. (Or so it would seem) If you get fleas from sleeping with dogs, what would you get from sleeping with Weasels?

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