Monday, June 17, 2013

Classic TV: Sugarfoot (1957)

Tom Brewster wanted to be a lawyer when he traveled West. What he got instead was a lifetime of wandering the country as the lowest form of cowboy---a Sugarfoot.

Sugarfoot spent four years on ABC from 1957-61, but isn't remembered quite as fondly as some of Warner Bros.' other Westerns, such as Cheyenne & Maverick. That may be largely because the series, though it was in syndication when I was growing up, wasn't readily available in a lot of areas. It mixed comedy with adventure, much like Maverick, but series star Will Hutchins wasn't quite as popular as Maverick's James Garner, nor did he have the post-series resume to build.

After the series ended, Hutchins tried his luck with a couple of short-lived sitcoms, including an adaptation of the classic comic strip, Blondie, which we've previously covered. In fact, Blondie was Hutchins' last series.

Now, scope out the following promo video. Mind the picture quality, as it hasn't held up well.

Rating: C.


magicdog said...

For a split second, when I saw, "Sugarfoot", I was thinking of the horse from the old Walter Lantz cartoons!

Never did see this show however.

hobbyfan said...

Neither did I, until I latched onto a 2-disc compilation DVD set that included the episode, "The Return of the Canary Kid", which has Will Hutchins in a dual role. This is basically Maverick without real comic timing.