Monday, June 10, 2013

Hollywood mourns two more

I was remiss in posting an obit on actor Steve Forrest after he'd passed on a couple of weeks back, but this will more than make up for it.

However, first off, we will mark the passing of Esther Williams, who passed away on Thursday. Largely known as a swimming champion, Esther transitioned to films, with almost every movie requiring a scene or two with her in the pool, most famously a synchronized swim sequence with toon legends Tom & Jerry in "Dangerous When Wet".

Poeticjustice2345 uploaded this tribute video, which was made using music composed by James Horner for the 80's movie, "Krull".

Most folks would remember Steve Forrest for S.W.A.T., which we reviewed the other day, but that wasn't his first starring gig. That came nearly a decade earlier in ITC's The Baron, which lasted one season (1966-7), and was later syndicated in the US. Themelover provided the open:

Rest in peace.


magicdog said...

Ester Williams I'll always remember because no one else could swim with Tom & Jerry like she could ;o)

She was not unlike ice skating champ Sonia Hennie, who had the looks to make the crossover to film using the talent that made them famous.

I remember she also was a business woman of sorts. Several years back she designed a line of retro swimwear which was rooted in her old suits. I thought they were cool, since they were made of modern swimsuit materials, but allowed the wearer to cover up a bit more.

While far from perfect, most performers from Miss William's Hollywood generation were class acts. I can't see that in most of today's crop of so called stars.

hobbyfan said...

You just don't see this sort of class much anymore, period. Today's generation would prefer to bombard the public with every negative they can find on every "child star" in their adult years (i.e. Lindsay, Amanda). It gets boring after a while.