Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Might've Been: Firehouse (1974)

Firehouse was another series spawned by an ABC Movie of the Week, but this one only existed because the network was looking for something akin to NBC's popular Emergency!, which had already been on the air for a while.

Firehouse starred James Drury (ex-The Virginian) and Richard Jaeckel, the latter of whom also appeared in the pilot, and was the only cast member to continue in the series. Unfortunately, it lasted just 8 months as a mid-season replacement series. What did it in? Well, it aired on Thursdays, and at the time, CBS owned the hour with The Waltons. Enough said there.

ClassicTelevisionFan provided the open:

Metromedia Producers Corporation, which co-produced the series, rarely made 1st-run series for network television, and was better known for being in the syndication business. Firehouse was better off in syndication, as it might've had a better chance.

Rating: C.

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