Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Classic TV: I've Got a Secret (1952)

Back in television's Golden Age, producers Mark Goodson & Bill Todman dominated the landscape with a seemingly endless line of game shows. Today, only two of their series continue---The Price Is Right, which is anchoring CBS' daytime lineup, and Family Feud, which has found new life in syndication, though their hosts tend to change every few years, and passed its 35th anniversary 2 years ago.

But, back in the day, game shows were plentiful at night before venturing into daylight. One of the more successful G-T series was I've Got a Secret, which bowed in 1952, and continued for 15 seasons with just 2 regular hosts----Garry Moore (1952-64) & Steve Allen (1964-7).

Alpha Video acquired some early episodes of Secret and coupled them with G-T stablemate Beat The Clock on a DVD release that I recently acquired. Moviesmoviesmoviesla uploaded one of the two Secret episodes from the set, with special guest stars Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy, natch). Lucy is subbing for regular panelist Faye Emerson, joining Bill Cullen, Henry Morgan, & Jayne Meadows (Mrs. Steve Allen).

In 1972, to mark the series' 20th anniversary, Secret returned as a syndicated series, hosted once more by Steve Allen, as Garry Moore was busy with To Tell The Truth. Excuseyou77 presented the series opener, which returns panelist Henry Morgan, and features special guest Paul Lynde (Bewitched, Hollywood Squares:

The 70's version didn't last very long. In 2000, the cable network, Oxygen, decided to revive the series in a more intimate setting with hostess Stephanie Miller. Once again, this comes from excuseyou77:

The last incarnation came in 2006, airing on GSN (Game Show Network), and hosted by former ESPN personality-turned-actor/game show host Bil Dwyer. The leanings, it seems, were working toward the other
side of the street, if you get my drift.

I never saw that last series, and barely remember the Oxygen version.

The overall rating is B+.


magicdog said...

Never got to see much of this show - it seems to be a show rooted in the 50s than anything else.

I do remember seeing one old episode from the early 50s which was rather cool. The mystery guest's secret was he was present at Ford's Theatre at the moment of Lincoln's assassination! When the secret was revealed for the audience, the gasps were loud enough to bring the house down!!

hobbyfan said...

I hardly bothered with the last two incarnations, the latter coming before GSN became available in my area. I barely remember the 70's edition at all, but the DVD is the motivating point here. Would they try this again? Uh, no.