Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Slim Whitman (1924-2013)

It has been learned that country singer Slim Whitman had passed away a week ago after a lengthy bout with cancer. Some sources list Whitman as being born in 1924, and yet still said he was 90 when he passed, which suggests, of course, that he was actually 89. Others have him as being born in January 1923, which would make 90 the correct age.

A mail order house began selling a compilation of Whitman's greatest hits in the early 80's, which won the crooner a new generation of fans. I seem to recall a few of my high school classmates being enamored of him, though his career peak was actually before any of us were born.

Anyway, here's Whitman with one of his most famous hits, "Rose Marie":

Rest in peace.

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