Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On DVD: The Suicide Club (1960)

Normally, I'd have spent Monday night watching WWE, but I just ain't digging a lot of things there these days, so I decided to put the DVD player to work, and over the next few days, I'll have plenty of reviews to share.

We'll start off with The Chevy Mystery Show's adaptation of one of Robert Louis Stevenson's lesser known works, The Suicide Club, which was a collection of three shorter tales, the first of which was the basis for this one hour drama. The ensemble cast is headed by Cesar Romero, Barry Kroeger, & Everett Sloane. Vincent Price is the genial host who moves the story along......

I would've thought that Price would've doubled as the President of the Suicide Club, but that was not to be. Most folks of a certain age only know Everett Sloane as the original voice of comic strip hero Dick Tracy, whose 1st series bowed a year after this program aired. The days are long gone where these kind of works had a televised stage to play on, and that is the cruelest trick of all.

Rating: A.

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