Monday, June 24, 2013

Weasel of the Week: Janice Cotrill

Father's Day was a week ago, but this week's Weasel certainly isn't treating her father with any kind of respect.

I first learned of the sad story surrounding 92-year-old John Potter of Zaleski, Ohio via an article on Yahoo! on Thursday. Sometime this week, Mr. Potter is being evicted from his home, barring a last minute injunction or divine intervention, whichever comes first, leaving him with little choice but to move in with his granddaughter. What makes this so sad is that Mr. Potter's own daughter, Janice Cotrill, is the one forcing the eviction issue.

According to Yahoo!, Mr. Potter and his granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, had raised more than $100,000 on the website in hopes of making an offer to reacquire the house that Potter himself built some 50-odd years ago. Cotrill and her unnamed husband rejected the offer, finding the offer unacceptable. How selfish can some people be, especially with their own family?

On Wednesday, there is an eviction hearing scheduled. It will require a last minute miracle for Potter to avoid being booted from his own home by his own daughter & son-in-law, who apparently, for whatever reason, however irrational it might be, don't take into consideration age and health. It smacks of selfishness & greed, nearly a decade after Cotrill was given power of attorney. That power has gone to her head, and now she'll find a pair of Weasel ears adorning that dome. Serves her right for being so cruel and forgetting how much her father meant to her.


magicdog said...

I went to Potter's GoFundMe page and there's good news!

He and his granddaughter managed to raise nearly 140K - more than what they needed to get the house back.

The auto eviction has also been put off!

According to the granddaughter's post:

"The judge has granted our request for Eviction by Jury Trial!!!!! So, the hearing will not take place on Wednesday! On Wednesday we will only be setting the date for the jury trial and dealing with other legal motions."

Looks like there is hope! They aren't even taking anymore donations at the site, as they insist, they just wanted enough for the house buyback. There's also a PO Box address at the site for anyone interested in sending encouragement.

I do not know what kind of man Potter was to his kid(s) growing up, but he still doesn't deserve to have his property taken from him, or forced into a nursing home, assuming he is still of sound mind and body.

hobbyfan said...

I'm thinking that at 92 he still is sound in mind & body, smart enough to have his grandkid help him with his selfish daughter is trying to turn him out. Thanks for the update.