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Ultimate Wrestling East Summer Spectacular @ Troy Boys & Girls Club, 6/9/13

Summer doesn't officially start for nearly 2 weeks, but that didn't stop Ultimate Wrestling East from billing this month's show as their Summer Spectacular. As it turns out, there was a pretty good reason for that. Tell you about it at the end.

The start time of this show was pushed back to 3:00 (ET) to accomodate Troy's annual Flag Day parade, which ended just before showtime. As it turns out, there wasn't much spillover from the parade, if any. The pre-show opened with the Joint Task Force finally hitting "tha pay window", as Dusty Rhodes used to say in WCW back in the day, defeating newcomer Jay Flyler and Randy Walker. Flyler looked great in his local debut, but ended up taking the loss.

In the other warm-up match, Ben Ortiz defeated Harley Cruise in a decent bout. However, that would not be the last we'd see of Mr. Ortiz on the day. Not by a longshot.

Ring announcer and local radio talk show host Brian Cady finally came out to the ring at 3:07 pm with GM J. P. Black, the latter carrying a shiny new UWE championship belt, to be presented to Vik Dalishus. Vik came out in street clothes, but before Black, who acted like he was reluctant to go through with this, could make the presentation, Bill Carr, the challenger du jour, came out. Predictably, after Carr got his hands on the belt, Dalishus demanded that Carr give it to him. Of course he did---right upside the head, to set up the main event----or so we thought.

Now, on to the show:

1. Dalton Castle def. Diablo Santiago-DQ. Santiago low-blowed Castle right in full view of the referee, who called the DQ immediately. Apparently, the feud between the OutKast Killaz and the Peacock Experience is far from settled.

2. Kriptic Keegan def. Timmy Aight, which was Keegan's 1st win in UWE.  Aight is not new to Troy fans, as he last appeared a couple of years back for another indie promotion that worked the Boys & Girls Club. Scary finish, as Keegan won with the curb stomp, but Aight had to be assisted from the ring. Aight has a new look, wearing a headband and shades in the ring. With the attention given to concussions, both real & worked, in WWE these days, the timing of this, while coincidental, couldn't have been worse.

While Ring of Honor's next IPPV, Best in the World, is headlined by a brother-vs.-brother match for the ROH title in less than 2 weeks, UWE kind of jumped the gun........

3. Kyle Badger def. Adam Badger. Kyle lives in Albany, while Adam is in Queens and recently was in line for a tryout during Wrestlemania week in April. The finish was a bit sloppy as Kyle hit a gutbuster, but Adam apparently might not have been ready for the move at that point. Can't say for sure.

Back came J. P. Black, this time with the Interstate title. Coconut Jones was the first champion, having won the title in March, but never defended it. Jones was sidelined with a concussion after winning the title, but this time, he asked for, and was granted, a period of bereavement after the loss of a friend. C. J. Scott wanted the title handed to him as the #1 contender, but Black had other ideas.........

4. Interstate title: Kyle Brad def. C. J. Scott to win the vacated title. Prior to the show, Brad was given a homemade sandwich board and went to the parade to try to bring people to the show. Apparently, this was the reward for his dedication and acting above and beyond the call of duty. Scott tried the package piledriver twice, was blocked both times, and on the 2nd try, Brad rolled him up, jackknife style, to pick up the pin and the title. Scott was furious. Twice now, he's seen the title slip right through his fingers.

While Scott was fuming and making threats, Kyle Badger & Ben Ortiz came out and also made challenges. Sounds like a fatal 4-way may be in the offing, or at least, a triple threat for the #1 contender's spot.

Brad gets points for dusting off the 2nd theme song from In Living Color as his entrance theme. Nothing like the late, great Heavy D to pump up the crowd on a sunny day, I gotta tell ya.

5. Lenn Oddity vs. Chris Envy ended in a double disqualification. Oddity got the ball rolling, attacking Envy backstage with a Caution board used for janitorial work. Neither man seemed interested in a pinfall. Black hinted post-match that maybe a strap match is in the offing.........

6. UWE tag titles: The Monarchy def. Pure Dynamite in a surprisingly short match, which might've been cut short because someone got cut legit. Both Brad Wesley of Pure Dynamite & William King of the Monarchy had blood on their backs by the end of the match. The ref in this one used too much discretion, letting Marshall McNeil get away with pulling Wesley down off the apron, leading to the finish. McNeil, at the very least, should've been ejected on the spot.

Oh, by the way, here's an open note to McNeil. Sgt. Pepper called. He wants his jacket back.

7. Foxx Vinyer def. Rob Coleman in a No-DQ match. This was also kept rather short, when any other time, these two could've gone longer. Vinyer hit a TKO on a chair to pick up the win after preventing Coleman from doing the same. Good stuff.

The title match was scheduled next, but Dalishus claimed he'd been sent to St. Peter's Hospital with a concussion (here we go again), and was not cleared to wrestle. Dalishus had a pink slip in hand, but refused to give it to Black for verification, which told the audience that Dalishus, who might've left his gear at home, was stalling, and could've been cited for breach of contract. However, the best laid plans of mice and cowards always go astray..........

8. Bill Carr def. Ronnie Castillo in a squash with the Black Hole Slam. Dalishus wasn't digging, and teased the title match, but sent Ben Ortiz out......

9. Carr def. Ortiz after a clothesline from hell. Dalishus interfered with a belt shot while Ortiz had the ref distracted, the same ref who let McNeil go unpunished earlier. Post-match, Dalishus tried another belt shot, only to be met with the Black Hole Slam. One of Dalishus' flip-flops went flying. In the space of 2 hours, Dalishus may have flushed what credibility he had as champion down the drain.

It was announced that the next show won't be until September. This is a good idea, really, because the UWE would be hard pressed to fill the Boys & Girls Club in the interim, especially with the Tri-City Valleycats soon to begin their season, and horse racing at Saratoga looming on the horizon, among other things. After getting off to a hot start, attendance has dropped to an average of 100-125 people for the last 4 shows. Taking July & August off allows UWE to recharge the creative batteries, if you will, and get things ready to roll for the fall. Then again, there's this little thing called the NFL that might get in the way..........

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