Thursday, June 13, 2013

Classic TV: It Could Be You (1956)

It Could Be You wasn't a traditional game show, even though it was included in Alpha Video's "Lost Quiz Shows of the 50's" DVD compilation. Actually, it fell more into line with a series more closely associated with its producer, Ralph Edwards, namely, This Is Your Life.

It Could Be You was a daytime staple on NBC for 5 years (1956-61), and also aired in primetime for the final three years of its run on an irregular basis. Host Bill Leyden focused on people's foibles, but often there would be the shmaltzy reunions, such as military detachments being reunited after years apart, which is what I saw.

Stefan Hatos, better known as the other half of the production team (with Monty Hall) behind Split Second and Let's Make a Deal, served as a producer. GilmoreBox uploaded the open:

Rating: B-.

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