Monday, July 6, 2015

Forgotten TV: Passport to Danger (1954)

Before being cast as The Joker on Batman, Cesar Romero had forged an impressive film career, sometimes as a romantic lead. In 1954, second generation producer Hal Roach, Jr. cast Romero in Passport to Danger, playing a US diplomatic courier named Steve McQuinn, who traveled the world, finding adventure and trouble at every port.

Passport lasted just 1 season, however, and hadn't been seen in years. Scope out the episode, "Tangier" (the poster confused it with "Tehran", which was the next episode in the series):

I hadn't seen any of Romero's movies, and didn't know he'd made this series. Six years later, he starred in the Kraft Mystery Theatre production, "The Suicide Club" (previously reviewed). Between these two roles, he had the potential to parlay his run as Joker into another headline role in a crime drama, but it never happened. Instead, he would make a few guest appearances on shows such as Murder, She Wrote near the end of his career.

Rating: B.

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