Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weasel of the Week: Donald Trump

This actually isn't a surprise.

Once again, we bestow the dreaded Weasel of the Week award upon motormouth media whore Donald Trump for once again putting his foot in his mouth. Actually, I think he put both feet in on this one.

Dumb Donald ripped into Arizona Senator John McCain the other day, claiming that McCain, who was a POW (Prisoner of War) in Vietnam before being released during the Nixon administration, wasn't a war hero, saying he likes "people who weren't captured". Ever hear of making sacrifices for the greater good, Dumb Donald? Obviously not, because you don't know what it is to make a sacrifice of any kind due to that over-inflated ego.

Once again, Dumb Donald led with his mouth, and is getting raked over the coals by fellow Republicans, and, according to a headline on Yahoo!, there is a call for Dumb Donald to drop out of the Presidential race before he really does something he'll regret. Now, he's blown his chance to at least get some positive advice from McCain before the primary season begins this winter. I've said all along that all he's interested in is how much face time he can get and how long it would take before he wears out his welcome. Seems to me he's already done that.

On Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids, the character Dumb Donald wore his ski cap over his eyes, with two holes cut out so he can see. This Dumb Donald needs to get rid of the rose colored contacts he's been wearing, because he's virtually guaranteed NOT to win the nomination from the Geezers On Parade next year. If we're lucky, he won't reach the starting gate in New Hampshire. What he needs instead is a new room, one with four padded walls, no windows, and no media access. Again, if we're lucky, his pal, Vince McMahon, might be persuaded to join him........

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