Thursday, July 2, 2015

Weasel of the Week: "Harry Leon Fleming"

For all we know, this week's Weasel is using a pen name, and declaring himself an apostle to justify his sending threatening letters to three women pastoring African-American churches in South Carolina. Clearly, this guy is riding on the wave after Dylann Storm "Drain on the tin" Roof's assault on an African-American church 2 weeks ago. Since that time, 6 churches in the area have been destroyed by fire, the most recent coming on Tuesday, and attributed to a lightning strike. Three others are believed to be the work of an arsonist.

For the uninitiated, AME stands for African Methodist Episcopal, and, admittedly, I didn't know that myself, even though there are some AME churches in my area. I know of a man who actually has walked out of the church I attend---twice---because the pastor's wife, herself an ordained minister, takes the pulpit on a once a month basis on average. The way I look at it is this. God is calling men and women to be pastors and/or evangelists in this modern era. This is a forward step in the church's progression. One of the top evangelists in this country, it happens, is a woman, Joyce Meyer, who's also a best-selling author. I've heard her preach, and she is dynamic and anointed. Period.

Mr. Fleming, if that is your name, enjoy your Weasel ears. They'll look good on you in prison.


magicdog said...

I would hold off on those weasel ears, if only until we're sure this is legit. Much of the narrative connected to the Charleston Shootings (including the event itself) is suspect IMO. I've worked in the news biz a long time and I tend to have a spidey sense when it comes to hoaxes. As someone who has covered similar events, very little of this makes sense. Not to mention many so called "hate crimes" (a term I despise, a crime is a crime regardless of the emotions involved) are often perpetrated by the one reporting it. A black female college professor in NY claimed someone left a noose and a note pinned to her office door - turned out she did it. A pair of lesbians living in an Colorado suburb claimed a "hater" left homophobic graffiti on their garage door. Turned out they did it for attention and to "bring awareness" to gay issues. The media tried to blame recent burning black churches on KKK type organizations, but as you mentioned, some were traced back to lightning strikes. Those that are arson are likely not originating from whites; we'll have to wait until the investigation is concluded before we know for certain.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this was a hoax as well.

hobbyfan said...

Whomever "Fleming" is gets the Weasel ears anyway for perpetrating such nonsense.