Monday, July 20, 2015

Forgotten TV: Sweepstakes (1979)

NBC was desperate to put together a primetime slate that would actually work, as they had so few hits during the latter half of the 70's.

Sweepstakes, an hour long anthology series, was one of those desperate entries. Modeled in a way after Don Fedderson's The Millionaire, which was in reruns in syndication in some cities at the time, Sweepstakes focused on multiple people experiencing sudden windfalls, and how they handled their new found riches.

Unfortunately, no episodes are available, just the theme song, performed by Ron Dante, formerly the voice behind the Archies and other pre-fab 60's groups, but by this point was tweaking the knobs in the studio for Barry Manilow.

For Edd Byrnes (ex-77 Sunset Strip), Sweepstakes represented the first step in a career comeback. He would make a few guest appearances after this series' quick demise.

Rating: C.

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